Charity Permit Terms and Conditions

1. Charity Tipping Permit criteria

1.1 The charity holds a valid charity number (registered on the Charity Commission England and Wales or with HMRC)

1.2 Places of worship are not included in this scheme and they should contact the council for information

1.3 The charity premises is located in Bolton, Bury, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Stockport, Tameside or Trafford

1.4 The charity must hold a valid Waste Carrier’s Licence

1.5 The charity agrees to use the permit exclusively for the disposal of donated household goods that are not suitable for reuse or resale from an individual charity premises

1.6 The charity agrees to correctly separate recycling, to minimise the amount that goes to landfill or energy recovery

2. Charity Tipping Permit restrictions

2.1 Only one permit will be issued in a 12-month period

2.2 The permit is limited to 12 tips of non- recyclable waste over a 12-month period

2.3 Any additional tips of non-recyclable waste is chargeable per business rates

2.4 Paper and card must be separated from non-recyclable household waste

2.5 Small electrical appliances (for example, microwave, hairdryer) must be separated from non- recyclable household waste

2.6 The maximum vehicle size permitted is up to 3.5 tonnes (for example, transit/ box van)

2.7 The charity can only use the designated GMCA facility stated on the permit

2.8 The charity can only use the designated GMCA facility Monday – Friday between 8am – 10am and 3pm – 5pm

2.9 Waste produced from day to day business operations are not permitted. This is chargeable per business rates

2.10 Waste produced from house or office clearances are not permitted. This is chargeable per business rates

2.11 Fridges/fridge freezers are not permitted*

2.12 TV’s or computer monitors are not permitted*.

*These items are classed as hazardous waste. A special licence is required to carry and dispose of this waste, visit the website for further details.

3. Using a charity tipping permit

3.1 The charity agrees to adhere to GMCA facility site rules

3.2 The charity agrees to allow staff at the GMCA facility to visually inspect vehicle contents prior to tipping

3.3 The charity is responsible for ensuring vehicles used are registered with DVLA, road taxed, insured and have a valid MOT certificate

3.4 The charity is responsible for ensuring drivers of the vehicle are licenced and covered by the insurance of the vehicle

3.5 Permits are only valid for the vehicle(s) registration number stated on the permit

3.6 When accessing the GMCA facility, the permit must be displayed and be visible on the vehicle’s windscreen.

3.7  The charity is required to provide their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when visiting the GMCA facility to tip off waste and recycling
The wearing of the following PPE is a mandatory requirement when outside your vehicle:

  • High visibility vest or jacket
  • Protective footwear (steel toe cap and midsole)
  • Safety helmet
  • Protective gloves
  • Safety glasses

4. Updating details on a charity tipping permit

4.1 The charity is responsible for updating vehicle details. If you wish to remove, add or amend a vehicle registration on your permit, please email GMCA have the right to refuse entry if the vehicle’s registration number is not stated on the permit.

4.2 Defacing or amending the paper permit will invalidate the permit

4.3 The charity is responsible for updating contact details

4.4 The charity must notify GMCA if they wish to cancel a permit

4.5 The charity is responsible for renewing their permit by submitting an application online. The permit will not renew automatically. You will receive a reminder by email 2 weeks before your permit is due to expire.

GMCA will respond to applications within 10 working days.

GMCA reserves the right to suspend permits due to misuse.

GMCA reserves the right to amend the operation of the Charity Tipping Permit scheme at any time.